4 Common Mistakes For Picking Briefcases

4 Common Mistakes Nearly All Men Make With Their Briefcases

Most of the gentlemen at work, both in suits or casual clothing, tend to use one single bag for all occasions. Sometimes even it is tattered, we don’t bother to change. Like a cigarette burn on your sweater or a toothpaste stain on your black jeans, a miscalculated move with your briefcase is enough to bring your sartorial efforts and impression crumbling down. Here are 4 common mistakes a man can make when choosing briefcase and ways to swerve them.

Mistake 1: Buying Faux Leather

We know, cool stuff doesn’t come cheap, and some imitation versions look as good as the real McCoy. But if you can stretch to it, going for genuine leather is an investment that pays off in the long run. Faux (PU) leather bags are easily cracked with a much shorter lifespan. Real leather gives not only a superior quality but also gets better with age when it softens and develops its unique patterns.

Traditional luxury brands distribute their products through expensive sales agents and retailers. These intermediaries have been eating up benefits that could have been enjoyed by individual end users. By removing them from the supply chain, Maverick & Co. offers high-quality business accessories at a fraction of the usual price.

Maverick & Co. Navy Metropolitan Slim Briefcase Maverick & Co. Navy Metropolitan Slim Briefcase

Mistake 2: Wearing the Wrong Bag with the Wrong Outfit

Most of the things have their time and occasion (apart from three-quarter length trousers, they belong to one place only, the bin). Briefcases are no different. A fluorescent tropical printed bag, is an ideal companion for a weekend getaway trip, but definitely not on your suits. Bring bags like this to work, you probably flash lots of eyes on your commute.

Going minimalist is recently popular among young elites. Designers have started paying more attention on the material details rather than eye-flashing patterns to express the masculine part of gentlemen.

Maverick & Co. Black Metropolitan Slim Briefcase Maverick & Co. Black Metropolitan Slim Briefcase

Mistake 3: Underestimating the Importance of Color

Fashion designers sometimes are quite obsessed with fluorescent and catchy colors for the sake of being innovative and artistic. But these distinctive color bags are usually less practical for mix & match and end up in the wardrobe.

Every well-dressed man knows that the secret to looking good is getting the basics right. When it comes to color, we suggest beginning with navy blue, black or dark brown. It’s also fine to go for burgundy, chocolate brown and olive green. But if you are bold in colors, no worries, you still look good with the vivid briefcase as long as your outfit is modest.

Yellow Briefcase Yellow Briefcase

Mistake 4: Bag Too Hollowed or Stuffed

Saggy briefcase is like a deflated balloon. It’s unattractive and hardly related to gentlemen style. When we are off to business or formal meetings, a sunken bag would kill the vibe immediately. It is also quite common to find unnecessary credit card receipts and business cards from previous events in our briefcases. Always remember to bring only the essentials and go minimalist.

If the briefcase looks a bit floppy, putting a cardigan or vest inside usually turns things around quickly. It’s always good to have a habit to take away unnecessary items from our bags, keeping it light and visually stunning.

Maverick & Co. Navy Metropolitan Slim Briefcase Maverick & Co. Navy Metropolitan Slim Briefcase

Being the No. 1 accessory for men, a proper briefcase leaves a decent impression and builds a professional image. Is yours ready?

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